1. General Provisions

1.1. This Agreement sets forth the characteristics of online services exchange services.

1.3. For users rank individual and organization (s), their consent to cooperate with the online service.

1.4. When referring to the general user and an online resource called the Parties.

1.5. The parties agree with the provisions described in this agreement, undertake to comply with them, to contact them in case of any disputed situations.

1.6. The agreement is considered to be a public offer, the acceptance of which the registration of the application by the user for services provided by an online service. The application is submitted through a web-based resource portfel.cc

2. Subject of the agreement

2.1. Online resource portfel.cc provides services, the list of which is specified in para. 4 of the Agreement, but the user is obliged to follow the standards set forth in Sec. 9. "The procedure for the performance of exchange operations." Services are provided in a manner determined by the Regulations, the provisions of which are set out in para. 5 of the Agreement.

2.2. A user who has made the exchange transaction must hold for her payment.

3. The mutual obligations of the Parties

3.1. Online service portfel.cc assumes the following obligations:

3.1.1. Ensure the conversion of electronic money payment services such as Yandex, Payeer, Qiwi and stick with the standards established by this Agreement.

3.1.2. Provide support information and technical users in the consumption of online services rendered services.

3.1.3. Ensure confidentiality of information regarding the commission of the exchange transactions (personal information of customers, the time of the transaction amount) and transfer them to users who have made the appropriate payments. If in the process of exchange participated anonymous payment system, then such an operation receives the status of "confidential" and shall not be further disclosed.

3.1.4. Restrict unauthorized access to data on making a payment.

3.1.5. Provides the user with discounts in the manner prescribed by the Agreement.

3.1.6. The transfer of funds to the account of the User or third party no later than the day after the receipt of the complaint in the situations listed p. P. 3.2.5, 5.4-5.6 Agreement.

3.1.7. Keep confidential and not disclose information on exchange transactions, as well as the personal data of users of Internet services to third parties, except in the following situations:

- on the legality of the decision of the court at the location of the Internet service of the owner;

- for the legal request of the competent authorities on the location of the Internet service of the owner;

- at the request of the administration of one of payment systems, namely, Perfect Money, Payeer, Qiwi , Yandex. Money and others.

3.2. The user assumes the following obligations:

3.2.1. Transfer online services the most accurate information to ensure the rapid exchange of.

3.2.2. Mark truthful details of your email address.

3.2.3. Create opportunities to receive alerts from the system by e-mail. Provide access to the network using a computer or other device. Install anti-virus software to connect to the online resources maximally protected.

3.2.4. Fulfill the requirements of this Agreement.

3.2.5. To notify the administration of the resource, if the funds are fully or partially were not credited to the payee's account. As well as all situations where there have been circumstances referred to in paragraph. P. 5.4-5.6 of this Agreement. The notification should be sent to the administration not later than one month after the relevant incident. Failure to do so results in the transfer of the disputed amount to the online service.

3.2.6. Comply with the laws of their country of residence and citizenship.

3.2.7. Do not violate the requirements of normative acts establishing the peculiarities of the exchange online.

3.3. Online service right portfel.cc :

3.3.1. At the time of stopping the work of the service to troubleshoot and modernization.

3.3.2. Stop carrying out the transaction, if received a request of the competent authorities, partners or user complaints on fraudulent activities. Exchange stops for the time necessary to clarify the situation.

3.3.3. At its discretion, establish a system of discounts on exchange operations.

3.3.4. Set and change fees for exchange.

3.3.5. Limit potential users access to their services, without explaining the reasons for the refusal.

3.3.6. If in the process of exchange of an error is made, the Online Service may require the user to acknowledge the transaction performed using the means of communication, e-mail a screenshot of the virtual wallet.

3.3.7. Interrupt the conversation with the user, which is currently inadequate or limiting employees to obtain data necessary for the decision of his question.

3.3.8. Block the implementation of payment in cases stipulated by paragraphs 5.4-5.6 of this Agreement or the Rules.

3.3.9. Block Transfer, and not to return money to the identification of the User.

3.4. Service Security Service the right to freeze the customer's request, if he was in some way illicit enrichment in this or a third-party exchange service and is in the list of debtors, to determine the causes and damages incurred by the user's exchangers.

3.5. Exchange service reserves the right to remuneration in the revised terms of the referral program.

3.6. Referral fees are not charged if the exchange service makes a profit of less than 0.5%.

3.7. can be deduced referral charges, if the inviter 5 or more referrals. Also, each of referrals 5 must be at least one successful application.

3.8. Online service in the right stopping operation in case of detection of the target customer profit on the difference in the exchange rate service. In this case, the application is blocked pending clarification of the circumstances of the service in advance.

3.9. Service the right to recalculate the rate fixed for the application in the case of:

- long delay in receipt of funds from the client to the service, because of the delay on the part of third-party service.

- the client have the minimum fee per transaction in the translation that led to a long delay in the receipt of funds at the expense of service.

4. Services.

4.1. portfel.cc conducting exchange operations of electronic money payment systems such as the Bitcoin , the Perfect Money, ePayments, Eleksnet, Yandex , Payeer , Qiwi . In making payments accepted by the bank involved, the list of which is available on the website;

4.2. Online Service has no authority to check the User rights on the funds that are involved in the commission of the exchange.

5. Regulations commit exchange transactions.

5.1. Sharing begins upon transfer of money from the user.

5.2. The exchange is considered complete after the transfer of money to the details provided by the Client.

5.3. User may not cancel the operation after it began or to demand the return of funds transferred to the exchange.

5.4. If users are listed amount, the value of which does not coincide with the details indicated at registration of the exchange, the online service has the right to stop the operation. Upon treatment of the User in order to claim. 3.2.5 Online service is exchanging actually transferred amount, taking into account exchange rate, current at the time the transaction began.

5.5. exchange is not made when specifying an incorrect account. Money is returned to the user according to his statement on the basis of para. 3.2.5. At the same time charged commission, as well as fine - 2% of the amount transferred.

5.6. If the user has made adjustments to the amount of payment or made a payment from someone else's account, the Online Service may suspend such payment. Refund occurs on the application of the user based on p. 3.2.5. But with the Commission and the Member will be charged a penalty of 1%.

5.7. If the user is exchanging exchanger in the direction cryptocurrency Bitcoin, ie changing any of the presented when on Bitcoin, it should be understood that the transactions in the network Bitcoin tested from 15 minutes to several days. It does not depend on the exchanger portfel.cc and he can not change the situation or accelerate transaction processing.

5.8 Proceeds towards Visa / Master Card may be up to five (5) business days.

5.9 Client undertakes to pay upon request within 15 minutes, otherwise the application may be removed either by recalculate current rate.

6. Liability and warranty line-service

6.1. The service exchanger portfel.cc assumes no legal responsibility for the consequences of misuse of the service, or for any errors made by the user at the time of filling the application to carry out a virtual currency exchange. Cancel payment is not carried out, even if the money were sent to the wrong account.

6.2. Online service does not pay for damage caused by the loss of working capacity of the equipment as a whole or its individual parts, which are used by the User in the course of the exchange.

6.3. Online service is not responsible for any delay in payment made in the course of its inaccuracies, caused by actions of banks or payment systems. The exchanger is not responsible for next after the exchange operation, possible, blocking of bank accounts and payment cards user.

6.3.1. The online service will cancel the card verification 1 hour after passing the check if the client has not completed at least one successful exchange.

6.4. portfel.cc not be liable for costs and losses of the User arising from misconceptions about the latest tariffs, favorable exchange or other subjective factors.

6.5. Online service portfel.cc not compensate the costs arising through delay or error in the process of fulfillment of the exchange.

6.6. The user confirms the legal basis for the management of funds involved in the commission of the exchange.

6.7. All damages to third parties arising from the use of resources Online-users of the service are compensated by the latter in full, due to the return and the deduction of future applications.

7. The procedure for changing the working conditions

7.1. Administration portfel.cc entitled at any time to make changes or additions to the present Agreement. They gain strength and become effective after their publication in the resource.

8. Unseen circumstances

8.1. In the event of force majeure The Parties are exempt from liability for failure or delay in performance of this Agreement. Under force majeure is understood war, act of terrorism, fire, flood, riots, hacker penetration, acts of local authorities. Also, these include a power failure and lack of access to networks, including the Internet and communication services.

9. The order of the commission of the exchange transactions

9.1. Online service can not be used for illegal operations. The user consents to the prosecution for an attempt to exchange dubious means, in accordance with the State within which the violation occurred.

9.2. If it is proved the illegality of the payment, the online service has the right to provide information about it at the request of law enforcement agencies, payment systems or the injured party.

9.3. To make a sharing user must withdraw from your virtual wallet corresponding amount of electronic currency. However, he is personally responsible for the existence of legal grounds for the transfer of money to the purse, as verification of the legality of this operation is not within the competence of online services.

9.4. A bank transfer is possible as part of an online banking payment system. If the application was processed through a banking operator or ATM, then the money is returned to the User no later than 24 hours. When transferring to certain directions, the user must pay a certain percentage of the payment amount: Sberbank (1%), Payeer (0.95%), Perfect Money (0.5%), Yandex.Money (0.5%) and EXMO (0.6%). The return of funds occurs solely upon the determination by the security service of the sender of the transfer.

9.5. Online service is not liable for payments made with the consent of the User by third parties.

9.6. User accepts the Agreement in its entirety by activating the button "I agree with the rules of the exchange."