How to make an exchange?

On the main page on the left, select the currency to be given, and then in the list on the right, mark the currency you want to receive. Fill in required fields. If you agree with the rules of the exchange, check the box and click "Start exchange". Follow further instructions.

What to do if the application is “Fulfilled” and the money has not yet been credited to the account?

In this situation there are two possible reasons:

1. Perhaps the money did not reach due to the delay of the payment system. Your funds will not be lost and credited in the near future.

2. Be sure to check the accuracy of the details provided, if you make a mistake, it is likely that the money went to another person.

Can I cancel the application after its payment?

This is possible if you immediately contact the support service. Refunds will be made with commissions. Refund will not be possible if the request is “Fulfilled” and the funds are sent to the specified details.

Why is the request status “Deleted” / “Invalid”?

In case of a collision with this problem, please immediately contact customer support for a prompt solution.

How to find out the status of the application?

The status of your application can be viewed in your account, in the "My applications" section or in the mail that was specified when creating the application.

Referral program

You can find the referral link in your account in the “Referral program” section, you can also see the conversion statistics in it and create a request for the payment of referral funds.